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You, 1″OH”1…

You, 1″OH”1…

…Weathering the storm

As I write this according to forecasters, approximately a 1/3 of the country is bracing for a storm they haven’t seen the likes of in a couple of years.  Somehow that narrative isn’t as noteworthy as it might have been a mere year ago…afterall this is 2020.  Listening to that this morning, with a slight tinge of envy – I LOVE snow – I was reminded of an observation from this past Saturday that I have been contemplating since.

While driving over the Hoan Bridge (if you’re not familiar – it’s a BIG one that I am almost always white-knuckle the passage of) on a blustery midwestern morning, the waves on Lake Michigan were so ferocious that I couldn’t make out the breakwall.  It had seemingly been consumed by the relentless pounding of wave after wave.  Then something a bit higher on the horizon caught my attention.  I noted the most curious thing…an inordinate number of  birds had taken to the skies and seemed to be not only braving the storm head-on but they appeared to be enjoying it.  It was so unusual to me that I kept an eye on the skies most of the day and there they remained.

So, I said to myself, “Self, what if despite everything you have experienced this year, which was preceeded by everything that you experienced last year, you could be like those birds?  Facing the storm head-on and not only surviving but seemingly enjoying it and thriving?”  The conversation continued.  “What would doing this look like?  What type of foundation would I need to seemingly throw all caution to the wind and head out into the storm?”  Those questions have been rolling around in my mind and YOU 1″OH”1 is my answer.

YOU, 1″OH”1 is going to be a place where I share the things I have learned, incorporated (or not), am doing, and am curious about exploring…all in an effort to get us up there like those birds, taking on whatever storm we are facing head-on, and while maybe not always enjoying it, minimally emerging entact once it passes.  I hope you’ll join me…as I know I have as much to learn from you as I have on my own.


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  1. Thank you Jen for always “showing up”

  2. Truly excited to be on this journey with you!

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