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*and that starts with just two or more.

The Youser Manual ™

Think of a car.  If you want to drive a car, you have to take classes.  Earn a permit.  Log a certain number of miles driving the car.  Take tests.  Receive a license.  Buy insurance.  In the glove compartment, you’ll find an encyclopedic manual detailing all the things about the car.  The car comes with diagnostic tools…it lets you know when you’re running low on gas…you have a tire needing air…or it’s time to have the engine checked.  Heck, my car even has an alarm that rings letting me know when I’m drifting out of my lane.  We get on the road with the car and we have lanes we need to stay in.  We’re presented with directional signs, informational signs, warning signs and signs that we must obey. 

Here’s the problem…we are far more complex, far more powerful and far more dangerous than a will car will ever be.  AND, we come with none of that.  This lack of basic information in the midst of wave after wave of uncertainty has led to unprecedented rises in addiction, abuse, suicide, depression, anxiety and violence.  We’re more tired, less tolerant and that’s impacting our relationships on every level.

We’re here to help.  Join us as we introspectively explore who we are, what makes us tick, and mechanisms you can deploy to safely and effectively navigate your road.   

Bartolotta & Associates

Training for
Individuals & Teams

Plant your mindset in a fertile soil where your emotional quotient can grow. Nurture the seeds of personal growth as we take you on a journey through physiology, emotions, behaviors and learned responses to cultivate an outlook that lowers anxiety, builds compassion, and improves resilience.

Training for Leaders

Teams function optimally when all members feel like they’re seen, heard and like they matter…it is only then that trust can be built over time.  Our process takes team members on a journey that improves their understanding of physiology, emotions and behaviors to improve team performance, increase employee job satisfaction, and foster a transparent and trusting workplace.

The Belonging

We are at a pivotal moment in society. Everyone is looking for engagement at a time when burnout is on the rise and inclusion matters more than ever. How do we feel included when we are afraid to show up as our whole selves at work?

Benefits for your organization include:

80% of workers identify WELLBEING as important to an organization’s success

*Deloitte, Human Capital Trends 2021

79% of workers identify a sense of BELONGING as important to an organization’s success, and 93% agreed that it drives organizational performance

* Deloitte, Human Capital Trends 2020

When workers feel like they belong, companies reap substantial bottom-line benefits.  High belonging was linked to a whopping 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days.  For a 10,000-person company this could result in annual savings of more than $52M.

*The Harvard Business Review

70% is the impact managers have on employee ENGAGEMENT scores and PERFORMANCE

*Gallup 2019

29% of employees perform more COLLABORATIVELY with an inclusive leader.

*Harvard Business Review

19% is the average revenue increase companies see with a DIVERSE team and INCLUSION strategy