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The Youser Manual™

FOR LEADERS | How to Mitigate the Great Resignation*


  • Uncertainty is the main driver of anxiety.  AND…PRE-MARCH 2020:
    • 40% of the population self-admitted to being anxious
    • 13% of the population has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety
  • Avoid being a “Great Resignation” statistic by transitioning to transformational leadership

Our Process

We use a culture and needs assessment to produce customized training to meet your team(s) where they are. Depending on your goals, this may include an employee engagement survey.


An environment where all employees feel:
…seen …heard …valued …respected …included …connected …a place where every member of the team can bring their best self to work.


Leaders: Our training is 95% based in neuroscience and our learning objectives paired with our “method” will afford your leadership team increased levels of resilience, tolerance and ultimately trust with their employees.  The training will assist you in creating a culture of curiosity and an environment where your employees will feel seen, heard and like they matter. 

How Long?

45-minute keynote
60-minute keynote
One 90-minute introspective session
One 2-hour introspective session
One 3-hour introspective session
+ a 6-month partnership with Like|Minded
+ Access a library of weekly videos focused on continual resilience building.