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Introduction to The Belonging Project


  • April, 2022 – McKinsey & Company “Our research found 51 percent of employees who recently quit their job cited a lack of belonging at work as a critical reason for leaving. 
  • September, 2022 Gallup publishes its “State of The Global Workplace: 2022 Report.  In response to “Did you experience the following feelings the majority of the day yesterday:” 44% of workers say they feel stressed; 40% of workers say they worry; 23% of workers say they feel sadness and 21% of workers say they are angry.
  • 9.20.2022, The U.S. Preventative Services recommends that every adult in the United States under the age of 65 be regularly screened for anxiety.


Whether your focus is on DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) or offering Mental Wellness resources to your employees or members, we would love to help you.  Our training is 95% based in neuroscience and our learning objectives will afford participants increased levels of resilience, tolerance and ultimately trust…of themselves, each other, and their environments. The training will assist you in creating a culture of curiosity, connection and belonging and a psychologically safe environment where your employees will feel seen, heard and like they matter. 


45-minute keynote
60-minute keynote 
One 90-minute introspective session 
One 2-hour introspective session
One 3-hour introspective session
One 4-hour introspective session (Part 1 of The Belonging Project)