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Easy peasy

Easy peasy

Instagram #6, Crispy Ribs – no sauce



Baby back racks cut into individual ribs

Dried rosemary


Pepper Granulated Garlic



Add all ingredients to a bowl cookie sheet and toss, rubbing the dry ingredients into the ribs. Allow to rest, unfrigerated for about 2 hours.   I use a gas grill, and turn it on high, allowing it to reach a temperature of 400 degrees, then I add the ribs.  I allow them to cook on for 5 minutes. Then I turn the heat down to low and turn the ribs.  The key to this is to cook them low and slow. Your heat should be so low that it will take about 25 minutes for the ribs to develop the same level of caramelization as shown in the picture.  Remove from heat and enjoy – no sauce, just as it.  They are amazing.  We typically pair them with a bitter green either cooked or in a salad.  Last night it was a kale, cauliflower, brussel sprout salad with a lemony vinagrette.

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  1. Yeah – time to grill again! These simple joys help fight the negative with a positive. Thanks for sharing joy during this time. Please stay home and be safe to all.

  2. Yum….I’m going to make this for Easter! 🙂

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