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The Youser Manual™

For Individuals & Teams | Micro-dosing resilience


  • Uncertainty is the main driver of anxiety causing us to feel like brittle rubber bands, or worse.
    AND…PRE-MARCH 2020:
    • 40% of the population self-admitted to being anxious
    • 13% of the population has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety


Leave armed with a basic understanding of your physiology and emotions, daily behaviors to build resilience, a bevy of tools to deploy when you’re feeling anxious and a greater understanding and deeper well of compassion for all those in your life.


  • Individuals: Any groups of people…at work, at home, at a club, an association, or any extracurricular group. 
  • Enterprise deployment:
    • Teams
    • Departments
    • Locations
    • All Employees

How Long?

One 90-minute introspective session
One 2-hour introspective session
One 3-hour introspective session
+ a 6-month partnership with Like|Minded
+ Access a library of weekly videos focused on continual resilience building.